Big Time trade offer

My Davante Adams and Tevin Coleman for his OBJ and David Johnson. I have Keenan Allen and Alvin Kamara as my other starting WR and RB. .5pt ppr

I don’t like it. I’d stick with your Adams and now-permanent starting RB Tevin.

I wouldn’t do it. New York is all kind of screwed up right now so making a move for OBJ is risky. I think he will have a great game this week but ROS I’d prefer my WR to have Rodgers throwing to him and not Eli.

As for the other two, everyone is hopping on the AZ train now that their OC is gone but midseason OC switches aren’t always the best thing in the world. There is no guarantee DJ all of a sudden lights the world on fire and Coleman is now the #1 in ATL. Ito Smith makes me nervous a little but I would rather have your guys