Big Trade **Advice Needed**

Hey Ya’ll—Standard League Here. Got offered the following trade:


  1. Aaron Jones
  2. Dez Bryant


  1. Keenan Allen
  2. Doug Baldwin
  3. Jerick McKinnon

My RBs if accepted would be Todd Gurley, J. McKinnon, J. Allen, Frank Gore, Marlon Mack, J. Rishard.
WRs if accepted would be Alshon, D. Baldwin, Keenan Allen, D. Parker.

Tough Decisions. I’m in 3rd at 4-3. Think I should try to package deal in Latavius Murray and throw in Frank Gore?

I personally like this trade for you. It gives you depth at WR and Aaron Jones may be competing with Montgomery when he’s healthy.

I would accept that trade. I like McKinnon better than Jones ROS. Allen has a good ROS schedule and Baldwin is a second half player. I think it’s a great trade for you

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