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Big trade advice needed


I was offered my Ezekiel Elliot, Cooper Kupp, and Marvin Jones for his Odell Beckham, James White, and Demaryius Thomas. My current team is as follows:


No I wouldn’t do that


I would want the Zeke side of that one


Is this PPR or Standard?


What if I was able to get a better WR than Demaryius in return or give up a worse WR than Kupp/MJJ?


.5 PPR sorry, should have mentioned that


Yeah if you could make it like Sutton instead of Kupp or something, this would be very tempting to me


UPDATE: Traded Ezekiel Elliot, Cooper Kupp, and Marvin Jones Jr for Odell Beckham, James White, and Jarvis Landry.

Thinking the WR upgrade was worth it, what do you guys think?


I don’t see much of a WR upgrade for you and you take on more risk. I’m not sure I’d be that much happier with OBJ than Kupp ROS. OBJ’s productivity could take a hit with a QB change. I view that as likely at some point. Zeke is big upgrade to White IMO.


I don’t think it’s a bad trade, and the format benefits White and Landry a bit more. I’d just prefer the Zeke side.


Thanks for the honest replies.

It was very tough losing a top tier RB in Zeke in the trade, but I am not a huge believer in Detroit without Tate.

I was thinking about the possible QB change in NY, but ended up not viewing a possible QB change as a major downgrade for Odell, as Eli has already been dreadful this season and Odell has produced pretty well (although not up to draft standards). A QB change in my opinion will either boost Odell’s production if the QB is better or not change it much at all.