Big Trade Advice Please!

Full point PPR.

I will receive Crabtree and Jordan Howard - I will trade away Alex Smith, Aaron Jones, and Larry Fitz

My other QB: Dak
My other WR’s: Brown, Diggs, Thielen, Funchess
My other RB’s: Zeke, Freeman, Ingram

Good Trade for me?

I lean Crabtree Howard but it’s not like your desperate with that beautiful line up hahaha

True. But if zeke gets suspended I’ll want another rb and not sure about fitz rest of season with no palmer

I think Your never rolling out Fitz now Palmers done, but you can play Crabtree, Dak has a nice run in so your not losing anything getting rid of Smith who will start playing like Alex Smith pretty soon and then it’s Howard/Jones and howard is a bit safer of a bet

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I would accept this trade since Oakland’s schedule looks good and he has the better QB right now.

Jordan and Jones should be in similar situations with the edge going to Jordan since he’s Da Bears workhorse while everyone is hoping that Jones will have that role.

Smith is having a good year but you have Dak and the trade upgrades you at WR so you should be set.

I would do this trade without hesitation.