Big trade. Advice


Just got a big trade come through.

I give Derrick Henry, AJ Brown and Chark

I get Joe Mixon, Conner and Keenan Allen.

Should I do this trade? It’s a keeper league, possibly a 2 keeper league.

Nope. Unless Mixon or Conner were gotten late and can be kept for pennies on the dollar, don’t do it.
I dont know why, but the Bengals want to get Gio involved. He is their third down back, and they are not using Mixon to his full potential. I don’t get it, but its the case.
Conner is decent, I’m a Steelers fan, so I love what he can do, but he’s injury prone, and he may not even be on the Steelers next year. If he winds up somewhere else, he may be in a committee. Keenan Allen is …well, we’ll have to see. I think his best years may be behind him, but he gets lots of targets, I guess.
Your players right now are all rock steady, set them and forget them players. Chark and AJ are the WR 1s on teams with good QBs who like throwing to them, and Derrick Henry is who he is.


Thank you for the advice! Yeah I was kinda leaning towards not taking it myself. Yeah Allen will get a bump with Herbert as his QB. Conner worries me for his health. But when healthy, he’s rock solid. Mixon was the biggest turn off as I don’t feel confident in him.

Again thank you and best of luck to you!

So with injuries I’ve lost Chark and Brown. Should I circle back and take this trade? I like Henry a lot - so that be a tough loss. But I do get 2 good backs assuming they are healthy and used