Big trade advice!

Sooo I’ve got a few trade offers. I’m the owner of Kamara. I’ve got offered Antonio Brown and David Johnson for Tyreek Hill and Alvin Kamara.

I’m thinking about counter offering, the same trade except I would also receive LeSean McCoy for Javorious Allen…what do you guys think?

IDK the offer is really fair. You’re giving up what’s been a dependable RB for dependable top WR and swapping questions with Hill for DJ, but i’d probably still prefer AB + DJ vs Hill and kamara.

If they want Kamara so bad, I would take Brown and DJ. Keep Hill out of it.
Also, if I had Kamara- no way I would trade him for anyone.

McCoy fo Buck ain’t too bad- hoping that McCoy maybe is an Eagle by the end of the week(which I don’t think will happen- but I also put in a trade proposal for Shady).

They won’t take any counter offer without Hill. I’ve tried offering Emanuel Sanders instead of Hill and he says no. So it’s either that trade or none.

Then no trade.
Give them a couple days with a no and they’ll change their mind. If not, then you avoided getting screwed.


agree with @Marencophoto You can not trade Kamara for Brown. He also has a police charge being levied against him aswell. It was just a rough game for Kamara. Dont lose faith.

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I would do the trade, look at DJ’s last 3 games - 15,15,20. They realized they need to use him and as Rosen progresses the offense should slightly improve. It is still a small step back from Kamara this year.

But I think Brown is a step up from Hill. Hill was like this last year, he would have great games, but he would also have games where he would score 8 max, if he doesn’t get a TD bomb he is going to under perform. I think the step up to Brown is much higher then the drop from Kamara.

Trying…but I need help at RB. I have Freeman, Coleman, Allen, Breida and Clement. Also obviously Kamara.

Then maybe shop Freeman. I just proposed Freeman and Tyler Boyd for L. Bell. I probably won’t get it but might as well test the waters.

I agree with the countering approach and if they wont take a counter off just hard ball them as mentioned for a few days and either stay as is which is fine or win the trade in the end.

I would say the DJ and AB is a massive overpay for just Kamara - a top WR and a solid RB (yes i know start of season but as DJ is starting to get more involved and perform) for a Top RB is a great deal especially if you can keep Hill but this would be a massive win for you. AB is maybe being sued, nothing strange there and he wont be missing time or dropping performance or anything like that.

If DJ does stay more consistent and you know what AB is, as much as i like to ‘win’ trades you would be here IMO. Kamara is a stud but Hill is a boom/bust weapon he always is. To say he can win you a week is fine but so can AB but he also offers you a safe floor. I would need to know the rest of your team and scoring format to really make a final call but this is a very fair offer IMO

I just got Freeman in a straight trade for Fournette. Needed a RB while kamara was on a Bye so I don’t think I want to get rid of him especially since I have Coleman, unless I could ship them off together. But I have good WRs and I just really wish I could keep Hill in this trade but he won’t let it happen. I have Emanuel Sanders, Tyreek Hill, Marvin Jones, Tyler Boyd, Funchess and Allison at WR. RB I have Kamara, Coleman, Freeman, Clement, Allen and Breida.

Standard scoring btw. I have Jared Cook and Aaron Rodgers. That’s my full roster.

Seeing the RB and WR core actually makes me think this trade is better for you long term. You need a top WR who is consistent big time, all your options are okay WR2/3s with boom/bust potential Allison is solid but still out i believe?

Kamara is your top back but behind him the Atlanta RBs are struggling to get it done, Clement will be in a timeshare and who knows how that shakes out, Allen is well a TD dependant flex play and Breida is injury prone and also out for some time. DJ will not be splitting touches with anyone like Kamara will be to some degree. It’s tough because i wouldn’t want to trade Kamara but you badly need to upgrade at WR to get an elite option. Sanders is solid but Denver isn’t great so upside is low, Hill is boom bust and the rest are either the 2nd or 3rd receiving option on their team any week with limited upside or in the case of Jones Jr a boom/bust option each week.

You can carry on with your roster but on weeks when Hill is quiet and teams will and are figuring out ways to do that and they will take him away you will be hurting at WR all year IMO. Just my thought though, i really wouldn’t want to lean on that WR core each week without a true WR1 option. Its a gamble and Kamara could carry by himself most weeks but we have seen the floor now with Ingram and that’s why i would be concerned on the rest of that roster - lots of high ceilings but low floors too

I agree with everything you said…but to me, I need McCoy in the trade as I think he’s on the uprise. If he doesn’t take the counter offer we shall see, him and I have gone back and forth on about 10 different counter offers but this one I feel is closest to what he wants so. We shall see. I’m hoping he takes it as sad as I am to see Kamara gone if it happens. But Ingram being back worries me.

Maybe then trade some of the WRs and a RB for another solid backup RB.

I do like the McCoy aspect in there for Allen, he’ll either be an Eagle again (not sure i believe but you never know) or just get his usual volume and with DJ and AB you have a good spine to your team which should be for the most part consistent. I’d carry on and try and force that one through.

If you can move one or two of the WR’s for another RB that would be good as well, just to help your depth. You can always find WRs on he wire each week in a pinch but hardly ever RBs

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Just got offered Dalvin Cook and Robert Woods for Kamara.

Pass for me, not enough back. Cook is still recovering and Woods is fine but not worth the step down in RB for me