Big trade advice!?!?!?

I was offered Burton Mixon and J. Brown for Gronk Chubb and Josh Gordon…

Take the deal or swap Gordon for Edelman?

My current RBs are Kamara Chubb Hyde AP Mostert and Barner
WRs are Adams Edelman Gordon Tre’Quan Smith
TE Gronk Doyle

Full ppr league btw

sad bump up ;(

No deal, I’m high on Chubb though

I’m getting the Mixon side, am i getting too little or why would you decline the trade?

Do you value Gordon over Edelman? or the other way around?

I prefer Gronkowski and chubb in the deal.

I like Edelman over Gordon in ppr

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what about going after Keenan Allen? hes been under performing he should be able to pick it up sooner rather than later

I’d give up Gronk Chubb Edelman and Hyde/Tre’Quan Smith for Mixon Burton and Allen? or does that seem unfair? I could also possible try getting Baldwin. I prefer those two for Edelman over John Brown.