Big Trade conundrum

I have the 1.01 1.12 2.01 2.03 all thanks to trades after winning the title in my league.(thank you D.Henry)

I have fournette, Kamara, D.J Moore D.J Chark and Lamar…would you trade the 1.12 2.01 and the 2.03 to move up to the 1.03?

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100% if you are wanting studs to win now.

Otherwise I would take the more picks. That 1.12-2.03 cluster will get you some super nice depth.

It really depends on how you evaluate your team. If you are on track to repeat a title run move up and get two top end players to help you win now. Just my two cents. I hope it helps!

That’s a great point so far i have moved julio and a bunch of other stuff like zeke samuels etc to get a ton of future 1sts 4 in 2022 and 1 next year almost gaurenteed to be a top 2 pick. I think an elite guy this year helps me contend not just in 3 years but for the next 5 thanks for the input.

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