Big trade deal! Should I accept?!

Would be trading away my zeke/Evans for his kupp/bell

My current WRs are Godwin, Evans, Chark, Gallup, Tate,

RBs are Elliot, Carson, Gordon, McCoy, Michel

Just lost my TE (Dissly to injury today) backup is Delanie walker, hunter Henry is on waivers so can try to get him but no guarantee.

It makes sense to trade away Godwin or Evans so I don’t have them both as my WR1/WR2. And I like Bells schedule down the stretch more than Elliot’s but It’s tough to trade away the big guys.

Opponent has WR - Amari Cooper, Cooper Kupp, Adam theilan, Sanders
RBs- Chubb, Bell, Hyde, Murray

I do it. Bell is at worst a lateral move from what Zeke’s been thus far and Kupp was on fire til today, more bankable than Evans

Lateral move.

I might stay put as not sure you get ahead.

Zeke better than Bell. Kupp so far better but Evans almost had 100 yards today.

Do not make that trade

I would do this in a heart beat. Bells schedule plus with darnold back will help significantly. But yeah pretty much a lateral move but I like the bell side more