Big Trade Diggs and Lamb

half pt ppr

Diggs, Claypool, Gaskin (GIVING AWAY)


Lamb, Woods, D Harris (I GET)

Imho, who you are receiving is the better end of the trade.

Diggs and Lamb are nearly a wash, imho, as both have the potential to end up as WR1s by the end of the year.

Woods is on the better team with the better QB. Additionally, McVay has said it is his fault he hasnt gotten Bobby Trees more involved. PIT offense is running through DJ and Najee currently. Mapletron is unfortunately a high boom/bust (more likely) no-other-option play right now.

Harris is highly involved in the running game for NE and is clearly the lead back. His issue is barely any passing work. He is a match up based RB2 ROS imho. MIA is slowly turning their back field into a RBBC with Brown starting to take over. While Gaskin gets more passing work than Harris, I trust Harris’ role tenfold more that I trust Gaskin’s role moving forward.

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