Big trade for Chubb!

Full PPR, give up Ekeler, Lockett and Watkins. Receive Chubb. Would still have Evans, Edelman, and Westbrook and would pick up another wr where needed

would weaken your WR is Evans obviously having a down year unless you have a deep WW at the position. Although, Ekeler will go down considerably moving forward, I dont know If i would do it honestly, who else do you have at RB

help with mine?

Have kamara, Sony and Coleman at RB it’s been rough for Sony but I do know the colder the season gets the more the pats run the ball and he is the better back on that team. I’m in the same boat actually, I have Waller also. I have a roster spot open so I’m going to stream I think. I would drop MVS over Singletary. Burton has a week 6 bye also so don’t pick him up. MacDonald has a good matchup but down to their third string qb so out of those three it would be Howard. Live and die by either a decent game or a goose egg