Big Trade Full PPR Advice

Joe Mixon, Julio Jones, Cooper Kupp

For Melvin Gordon, Josh Gordon, and Mike Evans…

Who wins and why?

Thanks Foot Clan!

Or should I Trade O’Dell instead of Julio

I’d say it depends a bit on rosters, but I lean the Melvin Gordon side. He’s just too much of a beast to pass up for me. I love mixon, but still think they’re different tiers ROS. As far as the receivers go, youd clearly downgrade with that side, but I actually don’t mind it. Julio Jones is a monster of a WR, but he’s just not done justice in fantasy bc of TD troubles. This is real bold, but I actually wouldn’t be surprised if josh Gordon paces him ROS, just because I see the TD upside being more there for him. I’m worried about kupp because the injury looked a bit worse than they’ve let on, and I’m worried about Evans because of jameis.
To sum it up, I like the Melvin Gordon side because I see you upgrading MORE at RB than you’re downgrading at WR, AND RB is scarcer

I’d prefer OBJ ROS. At least he’s proven he’s not allergic to the end zone