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Big trade help 1-3


I play in a 10 team standard. I have
Qb: newton and Palmer
Rb:Hunt, McCoy, Montgomery and Martin
Wr: Fitz, Cobb, Crabtree, Jackson, and amendola
Te: brate

My wr core hasn’t done much for me yet and my running back depth is pretty decent. I’m trying to get jordy from an owner that has Matt Ryan and gronk. Do I throw hunt out for a jordy and Ryan or gronk Trade? I’m currently 1-3 and he’s 3-1 and has gore and lynch as his two starting running backs.


If I were you given your depth I would shop Martin for a WR rather than give away Hunt.


That’s crazy that a team with Gore and Lynch is 3-1!

But to your case, I might actually keep Hunt. I love Jordy this year, but Gronk is already showing signs of injury. I also wouldn’t trade for Ryan since your QBs are fine. If I were to trade Hunt, I want one of the big 3 WRs or Bell. At this point, I’d keep Hunt. Instead maybe shop around Ty or Martin.


Trade Hamster hes being considered a RB1 w/ a week of proof atm when his history shows he can flop to 2 an RB. Shoot a little lower at WR get a hopkings or keenan allen who have a little less name value


Was just offered Brady and A. Brown for Hunt and Newton


Oh damn…hmmm…I think I would do it.


i wouldnt trade hunt. too bad your not in a PPR league. your WRs are prime for PPR. Whats the waver wire look like?


I don’t think there is a trade out there that I would move Hunt. You’d be better off trying to move martin after a solid first week. Try maybe packaging him with a WR.