Big Trade Help: Godwin/ Gibson for JT/ Marvin Jones

Just got offered this… 0.5 PPR - 12 Team

Heres my team:
QB: Minshew (I stream and it didnt pan out this week lol)
RB: Drake, JT, Jacobs, Hunt, Edmonds
WR: Moore, Woods, Gallup, M Jones Jr., Mike Williams, Deebo (IR)
TEs: Fant, Cook

His Team:
QB: Stafford, Herbert
RBs: Elliott, Monty, Gibson, Jeff Wilson, Kerryon, Pollard
WRs: Godwin, Lockett, Chark, Jeffrey, Cole
TE: Gesicki

He’s 0-2 and wants another RB1 and prefers Jones over Gallup as a 2nd piece. I need that big WR, but Idk if I want to give up JT with his huge upside ROS as the Colts #1 guy. What you guys all think? It is very tempting… Gibson could be that dude moving forward, but JT is very tough to part with…

Godwin has only played 1 game with Brady so far which still puts some question marks around his full year value, although I expect him to do very well.

But like you said “Gibson COULD be that dude”…JT already is that dude. Your RBs are rock solid and I don’t think Gibson helps you much. And the fact that he wants to deal what looks like his WR1 means he doesn’t believe in Godwin/scared of more injuries as well. It’s an ok trade on paper, but I don’t think it makes you any better at all.

Keep JT

Thanks man… I needed that kind of response… like i’ve been looking for a WR upgrade but was trying to deal Hunt in a package deal and no one seems to want to value him like I do so i’m keeping him for now.