BIG TRADE HELP. RECEIVE Dalvin Cook/Josh Jacobs for Bell/Kelce?

This is a standard league with no TE required (we have wr/te spots instead)

My ONLY RBs (2 spots) are Chubb, Bell, Singletary.

WR/TEs (3 spots): Edelman, Golladay, Hopkins, Kelce

(So i basically have 0 depth)

My gut says not to trade away Bell/Kelce. I am huge on Bell with Darnold + no BYE. Also like Kelce with Tyreek coming back. I can’t start Jacobs unless I bench Chubb (BYE next week) - so strictly a depth/insurance move. I am starting Kelce over Golladay… but would I be okay w/ Golladay ROY? Really focused on starting lineup.

You should be good if you take this. Golladay isnt the sexiest WR2 but he gets the job done, and I’d rather Cook over Bell ROS well as prefer to have my depth at RB than WR/TE

I’m quite a fan of this trade in your favor. Being in a league that dosnt require you to have a TE means that you can abuse WR for more points. Kelce hasn’t been producing like he did last year but both Jacob’s and cook are considerably top tier. Sure you lose Bell but Cook is overall the better start right now and Jacob’s is the Raiders #1

Thanks a ton

Thanks!! Appreciate it

Definitely do this trade. I agree with the above. Cook and Jacobs are the better players.

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Thanks to everyone - I’ve accepted the trade. Time will tell. Let’s get it!

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