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Big Trade Help - Thanks!


Looking to move T. Pryor, M. Lynch, and D. Walker for J. Howard. Think it’s possible?

I need to upgrade my RB position and am willing to move on from Lynch, who will be w/o Carr, Walker, who may be without Mariota (and I picked up C. Clay), and Pryor, who while he played well against the Chiefs, I’m not sure if I trust him still.

They want a TE upgrade, need more WRs, and I’d be giving them back a RB.

Every trade chart and analyzer says this is lopsided in their favour… but that can’t possibly be true given the circumstances surrounding the players I’d be moving?

Thoughts appreciated, thanks!


I’d make that trade. Howard an instant upgrade at RB, you should be alright with Clay at TE and as long as your got other WRs you shouldn’t miss Pryor much.


Thanks for the feedback!