Big Trade Help - Thielen - Gordon. Goodwin and Bredia

0.5 ppr

My WR Golladay, Theilen, just Cut Cooper and Enunwa.
My RB. CMC, Lynch. Clement. Allen. R. Freeman.

Trade Away

J. Gordon
M. Goodwin
M. Breida

No way. I’d maybe try and trade Lynch for Breida and Gordon if they’d do that but this is someone dumping a big game from Goodwin. Theilen is a stud and your best player by a mile, Breida is better play than Lynch as he’s game script proof, Gordon would be nice to stash but he’s done nothing to warrant a high price he’s all hype and Goodwin is a boom bust weekly guy who happened to boom this week and someone is trying to sell.

If they wont do the counter then leave it you are better as you are

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