Big Trade help Week 5!

Got offered Kamara and Hill for Andrews Chubb and Fournette

I have Herndon but don’t want to give up Andrews I was looking to offer Hunt or one of my WRs instead

WRs are Alshon Gordon Golden Tate or McLaurin

I think you’d be giving up too much. Chubb is RB1 and fournette is a RB2 with RB1 upside. Maybe take out an RB and see if he’ll do it.

My other RBs are DJ McCoy Samuels and Hunt
WRs are Hopkins Gordon Golden Tate Alshon and McLaurin @plem

What’s your record? It seems like you’d be a top team and don’t need to trade anyone.

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Unfortunately no lol I’m 1-3 I lost 2 games because I played the highest scoring team and I’m just looking to get Hill and was willing to give up those 2 if I got him and Kamara but mainly just want Hill so I was gonna offer just Fournette and Gordon but he then offered the 3 for his 2 @plem

I think Chubb has too much value to trade but I like that you’d be getting kamara. So really the trade becomes fournette and andrews for hill. I’m not opposed to that. I think bridgewater takes the saints offense down if we compare him to Brees so that drops kamara. You saw the last two games being great and not so great.

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I’m open to trading him just because Hill may eat into his workload when he returns and I’m not opposed to it either I’d just be weak at TE and I’d rather not give him up @plem would giving Hunt or any of the WRs not Hopkins be good or just keep what I have or just go for a trade with just Hill?

Honestly I think you’re fine. You said you played the top scores so you should have wins coming with the lower level teams. If you’re worried about the TE position a top guy can be a big push for playoffs and winning the whole thing. But if you have a guy that will give a consistent 5 points and some bigger 10+ games, Herndon did that last year but not sure what it’ll be like this season.

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I’m looking to trade Fournette and Josh Gordon for Hill going to see if he takes the offer @plem

Also might try Fournette and Gordon for Saquon @plem