Big trade help week 6

I’m 1-4 and need to make big changes to get on a roll
Looking to trade Hopkins Andrews and David Johnson/Fournette for Ryan Kupp/Cooper and Zeke or Melvin Gordon

Which players should I go for and would it be a good trade or lobsided in my favor??

Any advice or opinions help, thanks guys!!

I don’t think you have the players to get that done. But your best shot and to leave you best off as well I think you trade:
Hopkins, Andrews, David Johnson and get Ryan, Cooper and Melvin Gordon.
You clearly would rather get Kupp and zeke but why would he be trading those away??
I also don’t think this trade helps you out that much??

@Seahawkstu89 @plem
QBs Jimmy G and Cam Newton
my RBs are Chubb Fournette DJ McCoy and Hunt
WRs Hopkins Gordon Alshon McLaurin
TEs Andrews and Hunter Henry

Bumping for advice or opinions