Big Trade help

Hi everyone,

So, I have been offered the following trade:

CJ Anderson, Jordan Reed and Jeremy Maclin for Julio Jones, Ben Watson and Chris Carson. My league is PPR and TE gets 1.5pts per reception.

Only reason I’m somewhat considering it is because when Olsen comes back from IR, I can start all 3 TE.

What do you all think?

Matty “Ice” Ryan - QB
Julio Jones - WR
Emmanuel Sanders - WR
D. Walker - TE
Cohen - Flex
Carson - Flex
Oak kicker
Pitts - Def

T. Siemen - QB
J. Charles - RB
Coleman - WR (IR)
B. Watson - TE
J. Kearse - WR

IR - Olsen

I dunno. Reed and Maclin are boom or bust. Watson isn’t great and Carson right now is just a flyer. I view the trade as basically CJ for Julio which I don’t like for you. I think I’d pass on it but it’s not a bad offer. You do need RB help but if you trade away Julio I don’t really like your WR’s at that point. I don’t think it makes your team better by taking the trade.


Thanks Josh