my jay ajayi and adam theilen for his leanord fournette.
This leaves me with shady, fournette, and darkwa and DT hopkins, and funchess, and paul richardson at WR

Personally I’d hold on that one. Ajayi will eventually be the lead back and has the talent to do great things in Philly to go along with that pretty good offensive line. The kicker is your WRs though. Thielen is a pretty reliable receiver and is a top 15 WR. DeAndre is extremely volatile now and DT is also hit and miss as well so you’ll need someone steady atleast. Is it a two WR or three WR league?

it is a 2 wr league and a flex, been usually playing dt hopkins and thielen. Any opinions on who to target as someone more steady?

First one that comes to mind is Crabtree. Other ones include like a Jarvis or a Brandin Cooks even.