Big Trade Here

Would you guys trade Michael Crabtree and Dez Bryant to get Lev Bell?

My WRs are: Mike Evans, Michael Thomas, Dez Bryant, Michael Crabtree, and Adam Thielen

My RBs are LeSean McCoy, Joe Mixon, and a bunch of scrub pickups.

That is a lot to give up, but having Evans Thomas Dez & Crabtree one guy sits each week. Evans Thomas are a good 1-2 to have and Bell McCoy is great too. Perhaps see if he has a lesser receiver like a low end WR2 to throw in. But I think getting Bell is worth those two guys.

It’s 3 WR and a Flex so I have been playing all 4 actually haha

Ah I see. That would make it a bit harder to trade 2 too 15 wrs. Although having theilin would be nice if Diggs ends up missing more time. See if you can get another player back with bell

Do it! Makes too much sense