Big trade ideas

Full PPR league where I’m looking to flip some depth for higher end pieces and wondering which if any are worth proposing.

My team

QB: Allen
RB: Mixon, J. Taylor, Carson, Gibson, Bell (IR)
WR: Julio, Kupp, AJ Brown, A. Robinson, AJ Green, Jeudy, Gage
TE: Henry, Gesicki

I’m looking at packaging Mixon + Kupp/Brown + Gage/Green for any of the following. Am I out to lunch here?

Trade 1
I get: Hopkins, Connor

Trade 2
I get: M. Thomas, J. Robinson

Trade 3
I get : M. Sanders, Moore/Godwin

Trade 4
I get: Jacobs, Cooper

Another thought but not sure how much of an upgrade it is would be

I get : Godwin
I give: Kupp + Gage/Green

No way you get option 1 or 2 IMO. But hey, send the offer worst they can do is say no if they know well enough to say no…lol

Yea I think all those trades are skewed pretty heavily your way. You’re gonna need to find a roster who was really hit by a bunch of injuries