Big trade involving CMC

I am on a 2 player keeper league. My keepers were Gibson and CMC this year, but I am 2-2 and I am worried about CMC’s health and playoff schedule. I just made this trade on full PPR. Did I screw up?

I gave: CMC, Mixon, Shepard and McLaurin
I received: Jonathan Taylor, Davante Adams, Kelce and Tee Higgins

I think it’s ok, but hopefully you have some more RB depth since you lost an RB in that trade.

I have Gibson, Chubb and now Taylor. My other WRs are Diontae and Woods

I don’t know if it’s going to work out, but I think it’s a fair trade. You’re losing CMC, but you’re getting difference makers at two other positions (Adams and Kelce).