Big Trade Involving Zeke and Need Help!

I got offered this trade:
I receive Larry Fitgerald, Ty Montgomery, Michael Thomas, and Deshaun Watson
I give up Kirk Cousins, Tyreek Hill, Pierre Garcon, and Ezekiel Elliott
I’m 1-4 and need to make changes so is this a good trade for me? Here’s the rest of my roster.
QB: Cousins
RB: Zeke, Ajayi, Murray, Smallwood
WR: Hill, Garcon, Pryor, Cobb, Jeffery
TE: Rudolph, ASJ

Anybody have any thoughts?

Don’t do this… Your 1-4 and you would give up your best RB to receive a unhealthy RB…

Pick either ajayi or Murray and try and package him and a QB For a better QB… Or a TE for a better TE…

If you do that. I think you will be back on track…

What about Watson, Montgomery, and Diggs for Cousins, Ajayi, and Garcon?

Ty and diggs are banged up but rest of season they are prob better than ajayi and garcon.

I’d really try and go

Cousins and garcon


Watson and diggs first.

But if not I’d prob do that deal with all 3.

Def a better trade than the zeke one.