Big it worth it?

10 team 1/2 ppr… was offered d Johnson and m Jones for l McCoy and k Allen

My other rbs… l bell, r Jones, r penny, k Johnson

Other wrs c Davis and n aghalor…what do you guys think?

if its david Johnson I would do it in a heartbeat

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Yeah it is

I would do it and there is probably some sleepers on the WW that you could pick up. Like Chris Godwin, James Washington, and Mike Williams.

Yeah all 3 are available

I like Allen a lot but you’re going to have the two best RB’s in the game…I’d do it. Are those your only two receivers though? I hope you’re in a 2 WR league

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Yeah that’s my one 2…3 rookie RBS winston and Goff on bench

help me with mine, please.

I think you could get a solid wr for him if the owner dosen’t know about the knee…maybe Diggs or theilan…

Take it no question

I stopped reading at David Johnson, lol…YES!!!

How is this even a question. I would take this trade if it was DJ alone for Allen and McCoy.

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I’d do that trade in a heartbeat. You never know when McCoy might be suspended. Love Keenan Allen, but DJ is far less risky than McCoy.