BIG TRADE! J. Nelson & Hyde for A. Brown! Yes/No

I’m thinking about trading Nelson and Hyde for A. Brown. 12 tm Full ppr League. My other rbs are L Bell D Martin and Smallwood. WRs are M Lee garçon moncrief and Maclin… Any advice will help. QB is A Rodger

I think when it comes to having two elite players on the same team such as bell and brown, the best in their category, you’re not necessarily going to run into too many problems of cannabalizing points. However, I would be in fear of week 9, when both of my studs are on bye.

Another thing, although bell and brown is such a sexy lineup every week, I think that the number 1 target on the best offence in the NFL, the packers, might be just as high on my want list as AB, if not more.

I’m just not sure if this makes your team that much better to be honest, if at all.

This has potential to put my team on another level

Thanks for your feedback! I’m with you I’m 50/50 both ways right now