BIg Trade just got offered

got offered M. Mack, C. Carson and T.Hill for my D. Hopkins and D. Cook should i do it

my team

rb: D. Cook, D. Montgomery, J. Jacobs, A Mattison (Cooks backup)
WR: D. Hopkins, C. Godwin, T, Mclaurin, D. Moore, G. Tate
TE: E. Engram, M. Andrew

standard league

Are you in need of any position? Is this ppr?

probably rb and i forgot to mention this is standard

Let’s see your whole team

I wouldn’t do this. You’re better off with your top 5 guys

Do not do that. Mack is banged up, nothing serious but you never know. Carson is 1 fumble away from the bench. And Hill is still hurt and he may play this week or could be a couple more. Cook is a beast and Hopkins had a few bad weeks, he’ll get back to a WR1