Big Trade Need Advice

Full PPR 12 team. Is the below too aggressive, Give: DJ, Allen, Engram Get: MT and Kelce?

My full team:
QB - Ryan, Stafford
RBs - Kamara, DJ, Jones, Singletary, Coleman, White
WRs - Hopkins, Allen, Amari Cooper, Godwin,
TE - Engram

It’s a solid trade I’d rather have the 2 ur getting then the current 3 u have

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It’s still being mulled over, I just wonder if I’m hurting my RB depth?

Mind you I’d be playing three elite pass catchers plus an elite TE each week so I guess it doesn’t matter too much…

Do this immediately.

DJ is a lost cause this season. His next 4 weeks, even if healthy, are: SF, TB, SF, BYE. He’s worthless for a month. Allen is meh, could be big but could stink, like we’ve seen.

Kelce is elite, especially with Mahomes returning. And Thomas is elite, and now Brees is back.

You absolutely come out on top, dropping 2 liabilities in Allen and DJ, and gaining 2 studs.

(as a bonus, then you have 4 stud WRs, so you can consider pairing one of them with another RB to get an RB1)

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Trying to talk him into closing now🙏🏻

Best of luck! Hope it goes thru

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100% do this

DJs injury is very questionable right now, and allen hasn’t been great.

Meanwhile michael thomas is the best receiver right now. Kelce and Engram are a wash

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Sorry guys couldn’t get him to pull the trigger. If he loses this week though, i’ll try again after the week 9 games. He is in dire need at RB, will be easier if Allen and Engram have solid games or better…

fingers crossed. Keep it up, things could change next week.

I’d still shop Allen and DJ around, see if someone else will bite for an RB or WR (in your position I’d lean RB).

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