Big trade, need advice

Alrighty, so my buddy is going through a bit of a rough patch at 1-4 right now. It’s his first year and I want to help him out all I can. His team is looking sort of thin and I think he needs reliability right now. Someone else in the league has expressed interest in trading him, but wants Aaron Rodgers and David Johnson in return.

My buddy’s team:
Aaron Rodgers
Marshawn Lynch
Buck Allen
David Johnson
Aaron Jones
Demaryius Thomas
Sammy Watkins
Donte Moncrief
Emmanuel Sanders
Kyle Rudolph
Matt Bryant

Willing trade participant:
Jameis Winston
Mike Gillislee
Leonard Fournette
Mike Evans
Tyreek Hill
Travis Kelce
Demarco Murray
Dan Bailey
Latavius Murray
Kelvin Benjamin
Will Fuller
Willie Snead
Mike Williams

The trade participant is not willing to part with Evans, Kelce or Fournette, but is willing to offer up:

Jameis for Aaron Rodgers +
Any one of his other players (Sans evans, kelce, or fournette) for David Johnson

What would you do? I suggested he take him up on that offer, but try and squeeze the Jameis owner for Tyreek Hill and Latavius Murray in addition to Jameis. What do you think?

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