Big Trade! Need Advice!

I’d be trading away Julio, Doug Martin, and Rivers. I’d be receiving Wentz, Cooks, and Sanu. Its a full PPR. My other RBs are all of the Dallas RBs because of Zeke, Freeman, and McKinnon. My other WRs are Evans and Thomas.

I say no deal. Only improvement here is at QB, and I don’t see all the value in upgrading. You can play weekly streamers and be fine. Julio (general stud) and Martin (workhorse with lots of touches/success) are much better options than Cooks (unpredictable due to NE weapons) and Sanu (second WR on an offense not playing all that well).

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Didnt even hesitate… instant Naww. Honestly i feel like Martin by himself is worth a low end QB1 and Sanu who has limited upside… so youre giving Julio for Cooks… no way i do that.

Wentz is a nice upgrade and with the falcons struggling with Ryan its a decent trade off. See if you can get someone other than Sanu though.