Big Trade - need Help

I am the lowest scoring team in the league and have to make a move

Send Josh Jacobs, DJ Moore and Brees for Dak, McLaurin, David Johnson.

Would give me:
CEH, D Johnson
Golladay, Kupp and Mclaurin

I wouldn’t do this trade. The only obvious upgrade is at qb and quite likely taking a pretty big drop at rb.

Moore and Jacobs haven’t been great but I think they will pick up really soon.

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I like it but hinges on your RB depth and scoring format.

I think McLaurin and Dak are upgrades that will overcome the downgrade w/ DJ. I’m very hesitant with DJ though because B.O.B. loves to give his RBs 20 carries a game and now that he’s gone I’m not sure how Houston’s offense will operate.

Also have Gibson so hoping one of them can be a legit RB 2. PPR format

I’d honestly rather stick with what you have. David Johnson is Meh. Dak would be an upgrade and I think DJ Moore should see better days. While Mclaurin is good, we really don’t know how loosing Haskins will affect him. Mclaurin was Haskins guy.

I don’t hate the trade. If you feel it gives you a fresh competitive advantage then go for it.
Jacobs is not proving he is better than david johnson right now. Yes, more talent but his output has been terrible. DJ Moore is the number 2 to robby anderson with mclaughrin the 1.
With Gibson I think it is an ok downgrade for the other 2 upgrades.

I trust starting Terry over Moore each week. I trust starting Dak over Brees each week. I don’t trust DJ over Jacobs but would trust Gibson.

The only other downside not mentioned is having a RB and WR from the same team that doesn’t score a lot.

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