Big Trade Need opinion

My current team - full PPR, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, Flex
RBs: Kamara, Swift, Javonte Williams, C Patterson
WRs: McLaurin, Moore, Deebo, Marvin Jones, Pittman, Fuller, Mooney, Patrick

The CMC owner said he is about to accept a trade of Barkley and D Parker for CMC and wants me to beat the offerv(I think he is crazy to accept that trade).

Thinking about offering Swift Deebo and Fuller/Patrick for Keenan CMC and Hubbard.

Thoughts on that trade? I think Deebo may start to cool off now that Aiyuk is back in the mix…

I’d do that trade I think Keenan for Debo is fine, and swift for cmc is an upgrade and ya you lose another wr but even if you take that portion out your still winning that trade I think especially if you locking up the backup for Cmc with it.

Also starting cmc and Kamara how the hell do you lose? :joy:

All this pending he accepts that trade that is

apparently he wants to trade CMC but wont give up Chubba. Do you think it is worth the risk?

Without the insurance I don’t think it’s worth it. Mainly cause hamstrings usually don’t go away for a bit and he could easily reaggravate it with his work load. I would use those reasons to try and get him to flip it if not your prolly better just hanging tight. Swift has been good, and deebo as well. Your technically taking the risk on the trade and he’s getting the solid parts if you will.

yeah I just talked to him and he said he is still considering the first trade. He might give me Ceedee instead of Keenan which I said is fine as I view them very similarly. If I do the trade without Chubba then I am only giving swift and one of my bench WRs (fuller or Tim PAtrick, MAYBE Pittman if I have to). In which case I think it may be worth the risk