Big trade need some advice!

A guy wants to get CMC off of me. He is intrigued and I was wondering the footclans opinion. It’s full PPR 3 player keeper. Would you trade away CMC, Montgomery or hunt and Parker for Zeke and Waller? I’d be thin at wr but would very likely be able to then swap Waller or Fant in a trade for Allen Robinson? Curious what you guys think, we can also swap picks for next year.

I’d go for it

I don’t mind it, especially if you end up with Robinson before he picks it up with foles. With it being full PPR I think CMC is that much more valuable than zeke, but it’s close. Definitley try to sell Fant as opposed to Waller though

Yea definitely more concerned about the PPR value and if cmc comes back healthy or down like a lot of RBs have after a high ankle sprain. That plus it’s a keeper so I’d be loosing him for the next two years but would be able to keep Zeke that’s my only dilemma

Yeah losing CMC is tough for me, esp in full PPR. What is your record? Are you in “win now” mode, or do you have any cushion to possibly wait on CMC? You seem to have pretty decent depth to possibly tide you over until CMC returns if you have the luxury of waiting.

Definitely would say fully win now but I’m currently 1-2