Big trade: OBJ + J. Howard for TATE, Sanders, lynch and ekeler. Who wins?

Got offered this trade. Standard 12-team league

I give: Golden Tate, Manny Sanders, Marshawn Lynch and ekeler(or lamar miller)
I receive: Odell beckham jr and jordan howard.

Should i do it?
My team is:
RBs: melvin gordon, ekeler(handcuff), lynch, lamar miller and alfred morris
WRs: Julio, Thielen, Sanders, Golden Tate and Ted Ginn

Nah that’s to big of a trade for my blood. You are literally cutting out all of your depth at rb. Would you really feel good about having to start miller if Gordon went down? If anything I’d try to flip this for maybe a 2 for 1 for Howard since you dont need obj with thielen and julio

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i did exactly that lol
chickened out on trading all my bench.
The trade ended up being
Tate + Ekeler
Jordan howard
Think this is fair, right? i still have 3(jj, thielen, manny) useful wrs and now i have at least 3(howard, gordon, lynch) rbs i can trust every week

Well done on the actual trade… me likey!

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Absolutely I think you did really well on that

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thanks fellas