Big trade offer (4pt passing TD, PPR)

What do you think of this offer?

– I give Hyde, Mixon and Diggs.

– I get Brady, Fournette and Graham.

My team currently:
QB: Deshaun Watson

RB1: Kareem Hunt
RB2: Carlos Hyde
RB3: Tarik Cohen
RB4: Joe Mixon
RB5: Isaiah Crowell

WR1: Mike Evans
WR2: Michael Thomas
WR3: Stefon Diggs
WR4: Adam Thielen
WR5: Martavis Bryant
WR6: Jamison Crowder

TE1: Jared Cook

D/ST: Cincinnati Bengals

K: Matt Prater

You have a great team, and too much good depth. I would do this just because you need to trade some depth for good players. Depth is nice, but you can only play so many players at one time. Good trade for you (and for the other guy probably)

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I would do this in a heart beat Brady’s on a mission and fournette better than mixon, at least through the first 3 weeks

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I completely disagree.

  1. Diggs is a Stud
  2. Mixon looks like he’s finally getting the workload he should, is a better player than Fornette, and can’t be removed from the game by game script like Fornette can.
  3. Hyde is a very good RB I’m his own right and is getting great volume.
  4. trading for a QB or TE is almost never advisable. Especially when you’re giving away two starting RBs and a starting WR.

This is an awful trade.


if this trade was offered I would take it

Brady = #1 QB this year

Fournette being used more than Mixon both are great RB’s but Fournettes role is cemented

Diggs is great but you have the depths to cover that

Graham is a nicce throw in and can possibly upgrade your TE

I dont know if your giving enough to tip the accept button on the Brady team though

good luck

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I would also accept the trade. You have good depth and Brady is a weekly matchup winner.

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Once he gives up Hyde and Mixon he has very little RB depth. I’d also be willing to bet Mixon is better the rest of the way than Fornette. This trade is terrible.

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Getting Brady is not a bad idea, but this simply is not the right trade to do it. You’re getting fleeced.

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…This DFWB guy man. It’s not an awful trade. It’s not a homerun, but given the depth that you have it’s a good trade.

  1. Hyde is made of glass. He is constantly injured and playing through injuries that inhibit his abilities.
  2. Graham isn’t a throw away piece, he’s actually been better than most realize. He has 21 targets through 3 games, and Seattle’s offense was horrible the first 2 weeks and usually gets better throughout the season
  3. Your team is already very good. You have so much depth. you have Martavis Bryant Thielen, Cohen, basically always sitting on the bench. Those are startable guys, if not at WR2/RB2 then very high end flex. Like I said, that depth is nice but it’s too much. You need to swap it for some every week players. Fournette is a stud and obviously so is Brady.

If you don’t want to do this trade I wouldn’t blame you. It does leave you a bit shallow in terms of RB depth. Regardless, it certainly behooves you to trade some of that depth for better pieces. It’s not in any sense of the word an “awful” trade. That DFWB guy is full of hot takes around here.

Hot takes, huh? It’s an opinion. I think it’s a bad trade. No reason to make it personal.

I apologize if you took that personally. Hot takes are opinions by nature, typically outlandish ones. And I think this particular opinion is outlandish to me. My hot take is that your hot take is crazy

No worries, if it wasn’t intended as such. A hot take is something that someone says to get attention, that they may or may not believe.

I very much believe this is a bad trade, and am giving my opinion to help someone. I think it’s a bad trade because it sacrifices the depth he does have at the most important position in fantasy: RB. He does have fantastic depth WR, which I would absolutely try to turn into better players at positions of need, namely QB and TE. Could I be wrong? Sure.

I think the real disconnect, however, is that I don’t actually think Hyde is made of glass. He’s certainly dealt with injuries, but most, if not all RBs do and he’s played 13 or more games two out of three years, and when he plays he’s a very effective and startable RB who gets a lot of volume. Also, I don’t think Fornette is better than Mixon. Perhaps his workload is a bit safer (unless his team is trailing), but he’s also had injury issues in the not so distant past. So, in my view, he’s be downgrading his RB core significantly and shipping off a high end WR for a (admittedly significant) QB upgrade and a TE. I just don’t think that’s a good trade.

To each is own. Apologies if you were offended

It’s all good. Hopefully we gave him something to think about and some entertainment to boot :slight_smile:

I’d side with DFWB on this one, there are too many other viable QB’s to give up that much depth for Brady. Brady is probably going to be #1 but you can pretty easily stream a top #12 QB without having to give up weekly starters.

I have fournette, and I’m confident in his workload and I like him going forward. But Hyde is playing very well and mixon has a new Offensive Coordinator that looks like he wants to get him more involved. Mixon is trending upward, so i feel like if you waited you could probably get more value for mixon in like 2 weeks.

Diggs is a stud right now, and you can stream TE against matchups if you don’t like cooks matchup this week.

I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad trade at face value, but I don’t think its the right trade to benefit your team in the long run, I think that if you hold on to mixon for the next week or two, his value will definitely go up.

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