Big Trade Offer for AJ Green

Someone in my dynasty league (1-6) would trade me Green for my Guice.

This trade would all but seal the deal for me this year - BUT I just traded Clement and a 2nd round for Allison, so the only reason I’m not doing this right away is because I’d regret that trade for Allison (which I know is dumb).

Should I accept and forget about Allison and my losses there? Or give it some time to see what I got in Allison and see if I can win the title this year without paying heavy prospects for Green?

My thought is always play for THIS year. Championships are forever. Do what sets you up best to bring home the title.

Ya that’s always been my mind set. Helped me win it last year. I countered with Guice, Drake, and Allison for Green and Ingram (getting greedy I know) but somewhat possible with him wanting to go younger and Drake just had an up-week on Ingrams down-week. I’d do that in a heartbeat if he says yes. Still somewhat skeptical of the Guice for AJ trade but leaning yes. Just may give it a week to see how Allison looks out there.