Big Trade Offer - WR & TE

I give:

I get:
Michael Thomas
H Henry

I have Gronk already

I like the trade but if you have Gronk why would you need Henry? Are you just worried about his health?

If so maybe you could trade Gronk as well while he’s riding high and pull someone else good.

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I agree with @tlp27, Brate is having a good year but I would package Crabtree and Gronk together and you might be able to get a top 5 WR or multiple top 15 WR

I only consider it because I don’t need Brate. (I have Evans and Martin and don’t want to start 3 Bucs each week)

Then maybe roll with Henry and trade Gronk straight up for a top level player.

Or repackage Henry with someone else and trade with another team and fill another need?

Or just take the trade lose brate for the bus triple play avoidance and keep gronk as the best tight end bar none in the game! Plus Thomas is a teir above crabtree so I say it’s an easy accept.

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I waited too long and he re-thought and canceled. But then offered Garcon for Brate straight up

Do you need Henry? See if he’ll do a 2 for 1 crab and brate for Thomas. Sometime people see 2 for 1 and think that might work better as they chose who to drop
Plus doesn’t effect you as Henry wouldn’t play and you can stream a back up tight end