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Big Trade Offered After Draft


Im in a standard league and immediately after the draft a league mate offered me this trade:

Team 1:

  • AJ Green (WR)
  • Jarvis Landry (WR)
  • Mark Ingram (RB)

FOR on my team:

  • Martavis Bryant (WR)
  • Leonard Fournette (RB)



One side has the better RB, the other has the better WR. I have doubts about Martavis, so I like the offer.


Yeah in addition to my initial statement here is my lineup:


I take it, no doubt.


He revised the trade now:

AJ Green and Pierre Garcon for Martavis Bryant… I’m guessing he see’s a lot of TD’s coming to Bryant in our standard league?

Thoughts? Is AJ Green hurt or something? lol what am I MISSING HERE!


Dude I’d take either. Especially the 2nd one. Unless he’s a Steelers insider and knows something we don’t.


Yeah I’d pull the trigger on that right now before he changes it again.


Yeah he’s a big Steelers fan so I imagine he has that hometown fever for