Big trade offered not sure what to do!

This is my Roster…

Im being offered
Jordy Nelson
Melvin Gordon

Should I do it? I dont have long to decide lol

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Dont do it.

Why do you figure? im just curious

I wouldn’t either. You’d be really lacking in the RB department. Though this is a steal of a trade for you.
I wouldn’t take this, unless,because of you’re bench situation, you look to trade Pryor or someone for another RB so you have some depth there.

I forgot to mention its a Half Point PPR league… does that make anything different? … I dont feel like im that shallow at RB for PPR at least

Well. You have Martin, suspended, and will he play the whole season. If he goes down, and also Montgomery if he doesn’t prove himself/ Green Bay is a passing team, Duke Johnson will be tried in the slot as a receiver. There are question marks at the position for you.