Big trade offfferr

hunt and sanders for freeman and cooks. I’d be getting hunt and sanders. Full PPR.

Id take it.

I’d take Hunt and Sanders and it’s not about the backs for me. Cooks is super talented, but never know what kinda targets he’ll get week to week. Sanders will always be involved.

I honestly don’t know if there is a huge difference between Hunt and Freeman outside of unsustainable long runs from Hunt. Some would disagree with me there, but both are heavily involved and their team’s goal line back.

I’m thinking the exact same thought process as you. I see hunt and freeman almost even. If hunt isn’t busting these long 50+ runs or catches out of the backfield, he wouldn’t be scoring like he is.

Cooks obviously has the upside but brady has too many options while sanders will always get his targets and be more consistent.

Been looking at the remaining SOS for each team as well. Seems KC has a much harder schedule for hunt while freeman has an easier one. Cooks has harder while sanders has easier.

bump for more opinions

I agree. But I’m also a believer of staying in the flames. Trade value is just right though.

Lmaooooo hunt haters here I see… Let me quote you guys real quick, “f hunt isn’t busting these long 50+ runs or catches out of the backfield, he wouldn’t be scoring like he is.” You don’t deserve Hunt. Trade him.

that’s just like saying if it wasn’t for OBJ’s long plays he wouldn’t be good. lmao yea bro that’s what they are big players make big plays.

not hating hunt at all. I actually wanted to draft him but he was taken right before my pick. And yeah, I realize me saying that doesn’t make a lot of sense as hes obvioulsy busting big plays because of his play ability. Im leaning towards doing the trade.

Do the trade, like you said hunt has a hard schedule and Freeman is more consistent lol

id be trading freeman and getting hunt

We’re not hating on Hunt. He’s busting long runs at an unsustainable rate, but his floor is Freeman’s level. Looks like we had a failure to communicate here.

I’m not a big Freeman believer. Coleman is a great RB and they have Julio Jones and Sanu. But I get your guys points. If that’s what you think you should take the trade.

would do what i could to get hunt. i offered my rb1 devonta freeman for him yesterday (prob wont get it but gonna try) its been three weeks in a row. he leads the league by 100+ yards, i was sleeping on him but after three weeks, i want him on my teams.

this for sure.

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Very much debatable, but in PPR, the person getting Hunt would have a slight edge because of PPR.

I think sanders may have a slight edge just because of PPR and number of targets he gets on a weekly basis

any more thoughts?