Big trade opportunity boys

Gronk and Conner for Antonio Brown (I have Gronk and Conner)

I have both Kittle AND Burton on my roster (ridiculous I know but it gives me room to move Gronk) and I need a receiver. Badly. (I have Baldwin, Cooper, and Marquise Goodwin on my roster)

What do you say?

ppr or standard?

It’s 1/2pt PPR

who are your other RBs?

Gurley, McCaffrey, Royce, Mark Ingram and Alfred Morris (it’s an 8-man league but it’s still decent depth in comparison)

hard to move gronk with the gap between him and the next TE…you are giving up a lot of points there. waiver wire doesn’t have anything decent?

waivers has some decent guys (stills and golladay would be my pickups) but I’d have to drop Burton, although I’m very much leaning in that direction if I can’t flip one of these TEs

Definitely do it.

flip kittle off of his hot week for a solid WR2. the gap between the WR2 and brown likely won’t be as great as what gronk will consistently do over kittle/burton

Like, you’d starting Gurley and AB. That’s a non-brainer.

I disagree, TE is ridiculously thin and Gronk puts up WR1 elite numbers

Already has Kittle and Burton. AB is a stud.