Big trade or bad trade

I just traded 1.2 2.1 2020 1st and 2.10 for hunt and carson. bad trade for me? This gives me lewis cook hunt mack to go with aron rogers allen woods cobb

I love hunt but that is a bit too much to give away IMO given the strength of the 2020 class. I hope you didn’t do it cause of the Pete Carroll Carson hype. That bogus is out of control.

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I just feel like the flop rate is way to high and with team i already have i was a rb away from making a solid championship run i still have 3 picks in this years draft to build up some depth

You know your situation best. If you’re a championship contender right now and all you’re missing is that guy, then I have no problem with the trade. You don’t have to win every trade. It’s okay to overpay once in a while if it makes your team better.

I was just evaluating in a vacuum without considering all that.

Like @MikeMeUpp notes it is a pretty big give for Hunt. I really see it as 2 first rounds as I am not sure 2nd rounds really are guaranteed high value rookies (Yes, yes, they can be). I personally do like Carson, and he is a good upside play if he plays out. I think he will and be an active part of an RBBC at the worst.

I think future rookie picks are great trade bait because you really do not know about the future but you can get a guy present day. I think that is smart. I think the overall trade is probably neutral when you take potential into account of those picks, but getting Hunt is a solid addition.

To me, while it might be a big give, it is not completely ridiculous. If you think Hunt completes you ;), then that trade is worth it!