BIG TRADE please help me

Format: 2 QB 0.1ppr 10 team league.

Am trading away
Kirk cousins and Austin Ek


Dak Prescott
Justin Jefferson
Damien Williams

My team is QB: kirk, Carr, daniel Jones
RB: ekler, Damien Harris, Antonio Gibson, chase Edmonds, elijah Mitchell
WR: terrry m, Chris godwin, sterling S, and Julio jones

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Yeah you do this. the upgrade from Cousins to Dak is a good on and ekeler for Jefferson ceh and damien is a step down in rb but a top end wr I think this looks good. Id try and package 2 of the rbs to get back on a slightly better one though after


I am assuming this is dynasty? Also, is the supposed to be 1.0PPR or is it really 0.1PPR? Just curious as it changes things. But I think either way I’d make the trade.

If it is 1.0 then this is definitely worth it. The youth you pick up with Jefferson will pay off for a long time. It hurts losing the Kirk / Justin stack, but I’m not sure Kirk is there much longer. Dak IMHO is far better than Kirk and if you are a start 2QB (not a SF) that’s a big get for you moving forward. Ekler is a boss and I really like him, but I’m not out on the KC boys. Certainly not long term, and I’m thinking again this is dynasty.

At the 0.1 I think it’s still good but not a slam dunk. That’s not enough of a PPR bump to really matter, and I think that lowers Austin’s ceiling. He has been used a bit more between the tackles this year, but he normally makes his bones catching. Getting a full 1.0PPR is big for him. Same with Jefferson. He has had some big games, but many of them have been efficiency driven as opposed to compiling. Yes, he has compiling games but not like a Crowder / Beasly style WR.

Ultimately I think it is worth it for gaining Dak / Jefferson. In dynasty those two will be paying off after all the other names have definitely faded. In the meantime, you are getting two players who are really tough to acquire and only really moving Austin (no shade on Kirk).

Those are my thoughts, and I hope they help!