BIG trade, please help

I’m on the losing side of 3-5, outside the playoffs and I was just offered the following trade from a 6-2 player:

I get Dalvin Cook
I give Lamar Jackson, Hopkins, Ertz

Update on this, I am now looking at trading a Golladay and Montgomery for Josh Jacobs

My Team:
QB: Stafford, Lamar Jackson
RB: Coleman, Peterson, Montgomery, Singletary
WR: Hopkins, Golladay, Robinson, Tate, Kirk
TE: Ertz, Herndon

Do I make this trade? Am I tilting? I feel like I’m blowing up my entire team haha he’s still got McCaffrey and Chubb, but doesn’t really have a stable WR outside of Lockett or a TE.

Half PPR

Please help!!!

Having Cook is nice but that would deplete your team. I would look to move Ertz and maybe Lamar since he’s been so good. See if you can get an overpay with an RB1

People in my league don’t bite on trading RB1s, for that I could maybe get a high end RB2 like Gurley

Try a Josh Jacobs

Maybe that could work also, but the Jacobs owner has Waller haha

I’m considering it mainly because I have some good depth at WR to lean on Robinson and Golladay with Kirk and Tate as flex options. I would have to stream QB and hope Herndon pops

I don’t like that I’m essentially being forced to start Montgomery right now instead of using him as a flex option

Would you give these same 3 pieces (Lamar, Hopkins, Ertz) to get Kamara and Waller in return?

I wouldn’t go for it, here’s why:

You want to maximize your point totals each week. 1 player that puts up 25 ppg isn’t as valuable as 2 players that put up 30 ppg for example.

Lamar is averaging 30 ppg, about 5 more ppg than Stafford.

Hopkins is averaging 20 ppg, and has been on the upside recently.

Ertz is underperforming from what you’d expect, but still at 10 ppg, and could put up more any given week. Herndon is a complete unknown right now, so I wouldn’t be relying on him.

Cook is averaging 25 ppg.

So if you traded Hopkins and Lamar, you’re basically breaking even: -5 ppg at QB, +5 ppg at skill position. Then you’re losing Ertz and forced to play Herndon, which is likely -ppg (let’s say -5). So you’re net value from the trade is -5 ppg. Sure you gain one player putting up big points each week, but you’re losing 3 starters who’s combined ppg are greater.

Cook is one player with big potential, but Lamar, Hopkins, and Ertz can each also ball out any week. If Cook busts or get injured any week, you’re screwed. Whereas say Hopkins busts, you still have Lamar who can ball out, and Ertz who’s steady and can score big.

So whereas Cook may score a lot for you, your team as a whole may actually score less, which does no good. Don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, cuz if that basket breaks, you’re dead. Remember the sum is greater than the parts.

I know that’s a ton of info, but you want to keep the more steady point potential total. Look at your lineup and see if your starting team as a whole increases or decreases, not just one position.

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I was thinking about this as well, but I was looking at it from the angle of playing Cook over Montgomery every week.

Right now as it stands, I’m benching Golden Tate and Christian Kirk every week because Robinson is locked into my flex spot (WR1 and WR2 for Hopkins and Golladay). That means I’ve lost my flex spot by playing another receiver.

As a result, I’m forced to play Montgomery or Peterson in my RB2 slot behind Coleman. It’s not always awful, but I find it limits my weekly flexibility and decision making in a bad matchup when I can’t use Tate or Kirk, or a hot WR off the wire. And there’s rarely ever a good RB to pick up. You know what I mean?

So for this reason I’m thinking about it… but I agree that overall on a points per player basis in the trade, on paper I’m losing.

Yeah I got you there, flexibility and upside are great, I just wouldn’t pay that high a price for 1 guy, 3 starters for 1 basically.

Robinson/Golladay I think are good trade options because you retain Hopkins, and still have some WR depth to play with. You could even look into trading Monty off his big week, to someone who buys into him.

Something like Golladay + Monty/Kirk for say Jacobs, Henry, Bell, or Carson would be a great move IMO. Honestly even Hopkins + Lamar/Stafford for Cook would be fine. I just wouldn’t want to risk Ertz yet due to Herndons’s uncertainty, that’s what makes the initial offer bad to me.

Would you consider giving Hopkins and Robinson for Aaron Jones (I think this hurts me too much at WR)? Or Those same 3 pieces (Lamar, Ertz, Hopkins) for Kamara and Waller?

I don’t mind moving Montgomery, the problem is I am someone who is believing in him (or maybe I don’t have much choice not to believe in him given my current RB setup haha)

Are you starting 2 or three WR and is there a flex? I would seriously consider this. Stafford is playable rest of season, and Ertz has not been very good. I can see Herndon coming in and being very effective right away. If Herndon is playing this week, I’d do it. Your team would be Stafford, Cook, Coleman, Golladay, robinson Herndon and then a flex of either Montgomery, Golden Tate, Christian Kirk, etc. That’s a solid squad to me and solves your RB concerns.

I wouldn’t do the Jones trade. He’s got 2 huge games, but everything else under 20 ppg. Too risky for 2 starting WRs.

I honestly wouldn’t even do the Kamara + Waller trade. Kamara’s production this year just hasn’t been that great (last 3 games averaging only 14 ppg). With how well Murray played, they could definitely split more touches, or even see Murray take the majority since he’s been far more productive. Too risky IMO

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Yes that’s exactly what I’m thinking. We play 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex

Right now Tate and Kirk are basically on my bench in case of injury, but I’ll never play them over Hopkins or Golladay or Robinson. So I’m stuck choosing Peterson or Montgomery every week as the only “flex” option right now.

I would be considering playing Tate almost weekly if it comes to it at the flex. He’s getting so many targets for the Giants. You are very deep at WR so I think you can make up the difference and play the matchups (giants have solid match ups the rest of the year). I think Monty starts to get a lot more volume now as well so you will have options

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Yea I was thinking the same thing that it might be more split, but the talent of Kamara is there over Murray so I’m not as concerned. That being said, Hopkins is trending up as all signs are pointing to some big games (texans defence falling apart, Fuller and coutee out) so maybe it’s not worth it.

Last trade Im considering is Hopkins for Chubb 1 for 1… the owner (still the cook owner) is abit concerned about Hunt coming back. It’s a risky move if he does lose snaps, but it could help my team if it works out and cost the least.

I could see Hopkins for Chubb. They’re producing similar stats right now, and Chubb has an easier schedule than the last few games. You’d still have the WR depth to put up good points, but the RB help as well. Maximize the talent you can play at once.

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Any concerns about Hunt coming back?

Not necessarily. Only if Chubb ceases to perform well will Hunt really have a big impact on him, but there’s still plenty of room for Chubb to get 20 touches a game and spell Hunt

Man it be nice to have those RB’s. For the players you are giving up, see if he will give CMC. I really like Cook and think it would upgrade your team but that’s a lot to give up for him. You could counter with Hopkins and Ertz for Cook and try and keep Lamar. Cook definitely upgrades your RB’s.

Update on this, I might be able to turn Golladay into Jacobs… the Jacobs owner has Kamara and Mack, but is struggling at WR with only OBJ and Mclaurin

The offer is Golladay and Montgomery for Jacobs