Big trade possible

12 team 3 flex league, sitting at 3-4 team is inconsistent in scoring especially with injuries

I have some good pieces but need some more depth especially with 3 flex spots

Give: Dalvin Cook, Micheal Thomas, + piece
Get: Jacobs, Ridley, Adams

Is this a fair trade or would I be asking for too much with how good Ridley and Adams have been.

My team:
QB: Herbert, Newton
RBs: Cook/Mattison, Gaskin, Sanders, Jackson, Jamal Williams
WRs: Hopkins, Thomas, Dionte Johnson, Davis, AB
TE: Henry, Tonyan

Hold on- Giving Cook and Michael Thomas away should land you Jacobs, Ridley and Adams easily…well maybe not so fast on Adams. Think you’re downgrading your RB position so I’m not crazy over this. Hopkins and Thomas are gonna be nice when they’re both in your line up.
Michael Thomas and Dionte Johnson maybe lands you Adams- why don’t you just try that first?

Yeah I’ll give that a try,

I wasn’t sure if how much MTs injuries as well as Cook coming back from injury hurt their value.

If you were in my league- I’d give you Jacobs in a heart beat for Cook.
Michael Thomas being hurt for most of this season doesn’t help, but it’s Michael Thomas.
Don’t undersell your players. Not top 10 talent.

Good luck!