Big Trade Question (Kelce, etc. for D. Johnson, etc.)

Hey guys,
I’m currently trying to trade with a league member who really wants my Josh Gordon and Sony Michel (He’s a Pats fan).
I’ve come up with a possible trade offer for him and was wondering if I could get your opinions before I send it.
I would trade my Kelce, Michel, and J. Gordon for his David Johnson and Njoku.
My roster:
QB: Rodgers, Wentz
RB: Kamara, Michel, Miles Sanders, Murray, Cohen
WR: Hopkins, Woods, Ridley, Kirk, Gordon
TE: Kelce
His roster:
QB: Wilson, Big Ben, Winston
RB: D. Johnson, Mixon, Carson, Ekeler, Henderson
WR: Adams, Kupp, Boyd, Gallup
TE: Njoku, Doyle
Would I be giving up too much? Or vice versa?
If there are different trades that would be better, please let me know as well.

You’re giving up too much. If he’s a big Pats fan, I would go for Carson.

Michel and Gordon for Carson and Gallup. Or if he will overpay for Gordon, maybe go for Boyd instead of Gallup

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That’s giving up too much IMO. Kelce and DJ are the 2 main pieces being moved. Kelce is projected to finish about 20pts behind DJ this year. You’re giving up a starting RB and a WR who could possibly be a WR2/WR3 for a TE who is middle of the road. I wouldn’t do it.

I’d target Mixon or Carson and start with giving up less.

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take the names out of it why trade TE1/RB2/WR2/3 for RB1/TE12 ?

you have the advantage if he is a big fan… I would Target mixon for gordon/sony (add mid round picks if needed)

fall from there and go carson/boyd for gordon/sony.

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You’re giving up wayyyy to much in Kelce. Keep him. Njoku is the 4th option behind OBJ, Landry and Chubb.

Trade Michel and Gordon for Mixon and Boyd or Gallup.

No Way. That’s crazy. You’re ripping yourself off…
And trading Kelce for that…
Sometimes the best trades you make are the trades you dont make…

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Quite the philosophy right there. I need to listen to that more often lol. I tend to get trade-crazy in my league.