Big Trade Question - Trading 4 People

Hey guys, I got an interesting trade proposal and I’d like to see your guys thoughts.
1/2 pt PPR

I Give:
Njoku, Coleman, AJ Green, and John Brown
I get:
Cook, Kerryon, DT and Stills

Other WR on my squad Thielen, Enunwa
Other RBs Gurley and Lynch

What do you all think?

I would keep what you have. AJ is too good to trade and John brown is becoming Flacco’s main target.

I think you’ll take a dip early on (Kerryon won’t be full workhorse for a few more weeks, and Dalvin Cook still isn’t producing 100%). End of year, you might be happy you made this trade as both will be a better option than Lynch. You need to look at getting a good WR2 in the mix at some point though. Not sure I’d be happy with Thielen and Stills/Thomas/Enunwa as my WR2 for the whole year.

Yeah I would stand pat. I don’t like losing Green and Coleman for the uncertainty in what you’re getting. You’re getting 4 very uncertain guys basically who you’d really have to believe in a lot to take this trade. I wouldn’t take it.

Sorry I should Clarify that’s Jared Cook, not Dalvin Cook

Oh wow. DEFINITELY do not take this in that case ha. I thought you meant Dalvin.