Big trade question

I have three trades to choose from:

  1. Hunt/Dez for Jordy/Shady/Fuller

  2. Dez for Montgomery/Amendola

  3. Dez for Montgomery/Martavis

which trade is the best

Standard or PPR and what does the rest of your roster look like?


wr: evans, dez, tyreek, d parker, cooper kupp
rb: hunt, duke, crowell, r kelley, collins, mack

I like Dez for Monty and Amendola. You need to add a RB and Hunt/Monty is a great 1-2 punch plus Amendola is arguably and every week flex. I’m actually 5-0 right now with Hunt/Monty and alternating Parker/Amendola as my flex based on matchups.


Agree with Dez for Monty/Amendola. I don’t think I would deal Hunt for any offer really unless it’s like Bell and a WR1. Hunt/Monty/Duke are a hell of a 1/2/3 punch. You’re strong enough at WR to deal with losing Dez

Dez for Monty/Amendola is great for you.