Big trade...should I do it?

I’m going to be 2-2 after this week my team is good just been really unlucky. It’s a full ppr league and I’ve now been offered Kareem hunt and Chris Godwin for Josh Jacobs and Cooper Kupp. I’m pretty strong at reciever so waiting for Godwin is not a problem (Amari Cooper, tyreek, Ceedee, Russell gage and only a two reciever league) my rbs are thin (Aaron Jones, Jacobs, Henderson and Gaskins) what you guys think?!

Think I prefer Jacobs and Kupp.

Yeah I think so too I’m a raiders fan too so I don’t think I would have done anything just wanted to see what people think. I was considering countering him with Hunt and Diggs instead of Godwin

Hunt and Diggs I could get on board with…